Open Source Image Comparison Addon for your Test Automation

During automation, UI elements in the application can change their appearance. It can be a change of color, size or even its presence or visibility. Validating those changes during manual testing is relatively easy, whereas validating them during...

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Setup A Cloud Test Automation Lab Using AWS

In this tutorial, I will guide you through all the necessary steps for creating an AWS cloud test automation lab. Setting up such a lab that is in the cloud can have various advantages:  Scalability - Testing in the cloud allows you to increase the...

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Setup iOS Test Automation on Windows using TestProject

TestProject framework enhances Appium's driver and enables you to run iOS test automation on Windows operating system, without the need for macOS or Xcode! The first thing you have to do is to get a TestProject account, no worries – it’s free! Then,...

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Create a Wildcard App ID for iOS

In this tutorial for setting up your iOS test automation on Windows using TestProject, we'll learn how to create a Wildcard App ID for iOS as part of creating your provisioning profile. You will need to complete the steps described below only if you have...

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