Miljan Radojičić by Miljan Radojičić

Selenium + JavaScript Best Practices

Including unit tests in your web app projects leads to various benefits: Primarily, an effective and measurable way of proving code quality to developers and other project stakeholders. Browser automation takes these concepts even further, and applies the...

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Oren Nahum by Oren Nahum

Running Chrome Headless with Selenium & Python on Linux Servers

Running UI Automation Tests in the cloud or on dedicated self hosted Linux servers with minimal resources, will help you to save some costs when you have multiple tests running in parallel on several Linux servers. It is recommended to keep it lean and...

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Ali Khalid by Ali Khalid

Create Parallel Automation Tests

When the number of test scripts increases to a point in which it takes too much time to execute, then the usually quick feedback we receive from automated testing starts to decrease. In some cases, automation batch runs can even take days to complete, and...

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by Alex Siminiuc

Start Educating Yourself Today!

I remember being in the 3rd year of university and attending a course about networking. You know what I mean, TCP/IP, UDP, packets, network topologies, etc. The course instructor just published a good book on the topic and most of his students, including...

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by Michael Fritzius

Are You an Automation Hoarder?

There's a trend that I see with test automation on many QA teams. They have a large number of tests that all pass. Or some tests that flicker between pass and fail. Or some that fail all the time. But the biggest problem is that they rarely remove any...

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Neill Lima by Neill Lima

A Successful Experiment on Citrus Framework

Performing Integration or System Tests can be a hard task at times. A few days back I was presented with the challenge of performing testing with two heterogeneous environments, using different interfaces, SOAP and REST respectively. There are some silver...

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Karen Teboulle by Karen Teboulle

TestProject Welcomes 2018!

The new year is right around the corner, and we're in a mood to reminisce over the great year we've had, and to let you in on at all that's coming in 2018! Let's start with some cool facts: This year we published 51 posts as opposed to 29 posts in 2016....

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Karen Teboulle by Karen Teboulle

The Leading Test Automation Methods Are Revealed!

TestProject's team conducted a research to draw a full picture of the leading functional test automation methods and best practices that are used by companies across the globe: 222 software testing experts from different organizations were surveyed. The...

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by Michael Fritzius

The Art of Persuasion: Pitching Automation To Your Boss

Are you a large company suffering from slow release cycles, and there's a threat of losing out to faster competition? Or are you a startup focused on shipping valuable software quickly without much structure? Whoever you are, and whatever your size, you...

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Yoni Flenner by Yoni Flenner

Inside Selenium WebDriver

Everything under the sun has already been written about the Selenium WebDriver. The amount of online tutorials is tremendous, new posts spring like mushrooms after the rain, there are various forums solely dedicated to Selenium, and it's widely known...

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by Dave Westerveld

How To Test Your Tests

Have you ever been in a painter’s house that is in need of paint, or in a carpenter's house that has unfinished trim, or seen a mechanic’s car in need of repairs? Why do you think this happens? Maybe they are too busy doing work that ‘pays the...

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Mark Kardashov by Mark Kardashov

Is Test Automation A Smart Move For Your Startup?

Having a creative and innovative concept for a startup company, isn't enough for it to eventually become a full-blown company. You also must have courage, and loads of it! Think of it, at the early stages, startups are usually funded by private investors...

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