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Best 7 Software Testing Podcasts

Best 7 Software Testing Podcasts

Want to learn about software development no matter where you are? You’re in luck! Podcasts have grown more and more popular with mainstream topics, trends, etc., and software testing is included! And the good news is that plenty of podcasts revolve around this very topic 🎤

Today, we will show you 7 of the best podcasts for software test engineers to listen to. Who knows? You might learn something new, no matter how novice or expert you are in the field. Let’s dive into this list, and take a listen.

7 Testing Podcasts – Table of Contents

  1. TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast
  2. The Guilty Tester
  3. Test & Code
  4. The Testing Show
  5. The Changelog
  6. Ministry Of Testing
  7. AB Testing
  8. Conclusion

1️⃣TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast

First on the list is the TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast, which is one of the most popular podcasts that cover software testing. Hosted by Joe Colantonio, it talks about anything and everything test automation.

From spotlighting fellow software test engineers, to covering various topics in the industry, to reviewing books and other media about automation, this show has it all ✅ Recent episodes include:

  • The one thing to help your automation testing in 2022
  • On-demand environments for automation testing
  • SeleniumBase Recorder Mode (or generating Selenium Python tests automatically)

2️⃣The Guilty Tester

The Guillty Tester is a podcast for software test engineers that treat the industry as a “guilty pleasure,” or simply love their job. Or, if you’re a tester who doesn’t feel like you’re “good enough” for the software testing community. No matter your situation, you’re in good hands.

No matter your background in software testing, this podcast will help grow your love for the industry, while telling you everything that you need to know about it. The show brings in special guests in the industry, from software experts to learning testers to tech pros. Recent episodes of the podcast include:

  • 5 best and 5 worst things about software testing
  • Misconceptions of automation testing

3️⃣Test & Code

Are you a software tester? A coder? Or both? The next podcast on this list might surprise you. Believe it or not, testing and coding go hand-in-hand 🤝 Test and Code hopes to bridge the gap between the two, explaining that you will need both to achieve exceptional software testing. The podcast covers various topics such as:

  • Continuous integration
  • Data science
  • Python
  • Software methodologies, etc.

The show brings in experts and personalities from both fields. Their discussions are always thought-provoking, and they always leave the door open for more developments in both software testing and coding. Recent episodes include:

  • SaaS Side Projects
  • Who should do quality assurance (QA)?
  • Pseudo-TDD (a software test engineering workflow)

4️⃣The Testing Show

Want to learn about all kinds of software testing? The Testing Show has you covered. Yes, there are many ways to dabble into software testing. The podcast has an exceptional panel of software testing experts who talk about anything and everything about software testing. Each episode covers the following topics:

  • Tools
  • Trending topics
  • Methodologies, etc.

And, as one can tell by the title of the show, there will be a lot of testing on it. Recent episodes include:

  • Building testing frameworks
  • The accessibility mindset
  • Is it testable?
  • The dying business

5️⃣The Changelog

Hosted by Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo, The Changelog offers more than just a stand-alone podcast. In fact, the show has a website where users can look into developments from GitHub. With GitHub as a leading software development provider, it’s a great tool for software testers to dabble with. So, it’s a great companion for The Changelog podcast.

As for the podcast itself, it covers anything about software testing, from testing practices, to advanced developments in the field, to what guest speakers say on the industry 🔥 Recent episodes include:

  • Making the ZFS file system
  • What Cloudflare is up to (i.e., Workers, KV, Durable Objects, and R2 Storage)
  • Keeping on-call simple

6️⃣Ministry Of Testing

Looking for an on-the-go bible for software testing? Ministry of Testing is another podcast that software test engineers should look into. This podcast provides the Tester’s Island Dojo Podcast, along with other podcasts that cover multiple niches.

Thus, the Ministry of Testing has many references that listeners and testers can look through, in conjunction with the podcast. It covers various topics on software testing, and no stone is left unturned. Recent episodes include:

  • Various interviews with testing professionals
  • Specifics for testing as a startup
  • Testing trends in the software testing industry

7️⃣AB Testing

Finally, let’s not forget AB Testing! 🆎 Ever wanted to hear from long-time experts of software testing? AB Testing will hook you up with some of the best experts out there. This podcast is hosted by Alan Page and Brent Jensen– pioneers of the industry, that cover various topics on software testing. Such topics include:

  • Using agile
  • Using DevOps
  • Data science
  • Demonstrating leadership in this field, etc.

Recent episodes cover the following topics:

  • Quality coaching
  • AAB testing
  • Perks and tips
  • Diversity, safety, etc.


There you have it! Software testing is no stranger to the podcasting world. In fact, these 7 podcasts are proof that anyone can advance in software testing just by tuning in to one (or some, or all) of them. So pick a podcast today, and happy listening! ✨

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