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On Premise vs. Cloud – Where to Test

On Premise vs. Cloud – Where to Test

The testing ecosystem is full of a variety of techniques that testers choose from depending on their requirement. Ranging from functional testing to usability testing, the business and the testers have a lot to choose from.

The aim of all the tests remains the same: to ensure the application under tests is safe, secure, reliable, and robust. They aim to define how the software application behaves under specific situations. By doing so, we can find the bottlenecks of the application and improve its overall performance.

The testing world is facing a huge challenge with an enormous increase in users’ numbers since the rise of mobile devices and the spread of the Internet 🌐 The problem is- how are we going to test the application that will be used by so many users simultaneously?

We need more tools, devices to test on, techniques and methods. This leads to the evolvement of the cloud. Though more and more businesses are moving towards it, on-premise testing still remains available. Let’s see a comparison of on-premise vs cloud.

What is on-premise testing?

If you’ve been performing on-premise testing in your organization, you know the rules already. On-premise testing is when testers perform tests on local machines, systems, or devices set up at a physical office. As the name suggests, it happens on-premise 💻

It comes with a lot of responsibility. From the maintenance and monitoring of the machines and software to upgrading and installations — you’ll need all hands on deck. Moreover, on-premise testing is quite expensive and requires more effort. Let’s understand its pros and cons.

✅ The following table shows the benefits of on-premise testing:

On-premise testing benefits

❌ For the challenges (cons), see the following table:

On-premise testing challenges

So what is the solution?

Cloud testing

Source: Cybersecurity jokes

Yes. You heard it right. Cloud testing is the most near-solution if not the complete solution! Cloud-based testing, as the name suggests, is a form of testing which gives a complete solution to your end-to-end testing.

Everything happens on the cloud ☁ The cloud provider manages all your infrastructure, maintenance, storage, and device management. Of course, it has its own challenges, but the advantage it offers makes the lives of lots of testers very easy.

On-Premise vs Cloud: Cloud testing benefits

📌 If you still can’t decide, you can do both with the help of TestProject. You can either enjoy the power of the TestProject hybrid cloud, or benefit from their offline mode. It enables local “on-premise” test executions, even in isolated environments that are not exposed to the internet, leaving no footprint in the cloud.


Everyone talks about transforming their businesses digitally. If you want to decide between on-premise and cloud testing, I would say cloud-based testing is crucial if you’re all set to embrace the digital transformation. It’s here to stay and will help immensely for you to stay ahead of the game with the least operational overheads.

So, if anything, cloud-based testing offers collaboration, saves time, is more efficient, and maintenance costs are much lower too — the cloud is definitely the way to go 💪

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