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The Value of A Global Community: TestProject Going Multilingual

The Value of A Global Community: TestProject Going Multilingual

bienvenue! benvenuta! witamy! добро пожаловать! bienvenidas! Welcome! स्वागत हे! herzlich willkommen! bem-vinda! 欢迎 ! 

A global community is a group of people who share common goals and values. It could be defined by many aspects but mainly by a shared interest, and if you’re here reading this article, I can assume our shared interest is in test automation 😎

Nowadays, as more and more worldwide connections are being formed, and people from different countries of different languages are interacting like never before – it’s no wonder communities are growing rapidly and individuals across multiple cultures are sharing their knowledge, goals and ideas 💡 Here at TestProject our goal is just that – to help testers and developers around the globe face day to day challenges at ease, along their journey to delivering flawless products 🚀

With a community of over 100,000 users from 150+ countries in the world, we’ve decided to launch a new multilingual section on our blog – dedicated to spreading knowledge about TestProject in a variety of languages, making sure automation testing is accessible to the global community! 🌍

Let’s get started! Below you can find several experts from our inspirational community that shared their experience working with TestProject, while doing so in their own native language from their own point of view 👀 Pick your favorite language and dive into these awesome pieces of content!

Can’t find a language of choice? Want to add more to your own native language? We’re happy to invite you to join this exciting global community project on our blog, and share with us your TestProject experience in your own language. Sounds cool, right? Simply reach out at [email protected] and share your content, we’ll take care of the rest 😊🙌

Happy Testing Global Community! 


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