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Top 10 Must-Haves for Test Automation

Top 10 Must-Haves for Test Automation

Test automation is a technique for software testing which, as the name suggests, involves activities with little or no human attraction, i.e, the testing is automated. Test automation is performed to achieve speed and efficiency which becomes a complicated task in manual testing. 

Before performing the tests, an organized and strategic code is prepared. The test is usually implemented in three levels from the beginning to the end namely, Unit Testing, API or Service Layer testing, and Graphical User Interface. These levels involve repetitive changes to ensure continuous performance. The automated testing tool you will choose will clearly depend on the nature of the software, the experience of the programmer, and the budget.

Test Automation comes with numerous benefits. One, your team saves a lot of time as the process is automated and the team does not have to spend time authenticating newly developed features. 

Two, your business saves costs. Test Automation requires fewer resources than manual testing. Initially, there might be installation charges but most of the Test Automation tools provide assistance in setting up a steady software environment.

Third, Test Automation provides high accuracy and offers better insights as manual testing comes with human errors. Test Automation not only offers insights about the application but also shows you a wide array of data information, memory file, and internal program contents. Much more than what manual testing can offer. 

Monitoring the testing regularly and preparing updated analysis is very important to examine the success rate. For this, you must have a well-skilled team and a good managerial environment for effective communication and an efficient work plan. 

While technical knowledge and skills are highly required for this process, there are further elements that must not be missed out. These elements are required for the smooth and effective functioning of tasks involved in automated testing. Automated testing can be very rewarding and creates high-quality software. 

For this, the development team must have the right skills and tools which are bound to differ according to the team’s requirements. 

This infographic will encompass all the must-haves you will require for test automation. 

Top 10 Must-Haves for Test Automation

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