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Free Appium AI Tools for Mobile Testing Are Finally Here

Free Appium AI Tools for Mobile Testing Are Finally Here

TestProject is proud to introduce the first-ever free Appium AI tools, extending the existing AI tools for Selenium (that were released in August 2020). This groundbreaking new release aims to empower Appium, the best-of-breed open source solution for mobile testing, and provide powerful codeless technologies to reduce test flakiness, stabilize tests & make sure your mobile tests run smoothly 🌊

This is the first time advanced AI automation tools are available for free for anyone who wants to automate both iOS and Android tests. To top it off, you do not need to have any prior programming skills: these Appium AI tools are available for codeless mobile tests and can be utilized by testers around the globe, at all levels of expertise, from beginners all the way to ninja testers 🐱‍👤

Let’s deep dive into some of the most common challenges developers and testers face while automating tests for mobile applications, and how TestProject’s free Appium AI tools help overcome such obstacles in a simplified manner, reducing flakiness and accelerating test creation! ⚡🚀

Why Is Mobile Automation Complex?

It’s no secret mobile automation testing can be frustrating at times as it comes with a unique set of challenges: complex environment setup processes, iOS dependencies, element locator maintenance, test flakiness and so much more… 🤕 Let’s discuss a couple of the most common obstacles testers face in their journey to achieve mobile testing:

1) Environment Setup

There are multiple components and pre-requisites before one can even start creating a single test, such as:

  1. Setup Git
  2. Android SDK & ADB – for Android
  3. Xcode/macOS – for iOS
  4. npm
  5. Setup node.js
  6. Setup and configure Appium server

Mobile Environment Setup

2) Different Frameworks

Various application frameworks require different approaches and drivers while creating mobile tests, such as:

  1. Flutter (how to test Flutter apps on iOS)
  2. React Native
  3. WebView based components (ajax/async events)
  4. Ionic
  5. Cordova
  6. Swift
  7. Kotlin
  8. Java

Different Frameworks

3) Element Locators

  1. The need for unique and universal locators to avoid fragility and ambiguity.
  2. Complex applications DOM might result in poor performance when using generic locators.
  3. Basic locators (ID/NAME) are usually not enough
  4. Sophisticated XPaths/NS Predicates/Class Chain are required.
  5. Constant maintenance and improvement of locator strategies.

4) Biggest challenge: Automation Flakiness

  1. False-positive successful actions, automation actions that are reported as passed but have no effect.
  2. Web asynchronous events and their affect on UI.
  3. Devices variations and configurations affecting execution speed and visualizations.
  4. Internet connection speed and loading times.
  5. Dynamic and autogenerated locators.
  6. Mobile DOM similarity creates ambiguity and invalid locators.
  7. Mobile application structure leads to wrong element state and obscure/invalid state exceptions, resulting in false-positive actions.

TestProject Appium AI Tools Solve Mobile Automation Challenges

TestProject AI tools are available now for free with Agent version 0.65.30 or higher, helping you address mobile automation challenges with ease and stabilizing your Appium tests 💪

Let’s drill down into the three main AI tools that are available out of the box within TestProject’s Smart Test Recorder: Automation Assistant, Adaptive Wait and Self Healing. I’ll explain how each of them can help overcome the mobile automation challenges we’ve discussed above.

💡 Note: you can always disable these AI tools from the recorder’s UI if you want to.

Mobile automation challenge  TestProject AI tool that solves it

False-Positive Actions

Actions that are reported as passed but didn’t actually do what they were supposed to do.

Automation Assistant - TestProject AI Tools

Automation Assistant

Analyzes each step and detect cases where an action didn’t reach its target goal and attempts to fix it automatically.

Variant Loading Time and Async Events

Timing is one of the biggest automation enemies, and it is affected by many factors, such as internet speed, device performance or asynchronous events.

Adaptive Wait - TestProject AI Tools

Adaptive Wait

A mechanism to ensure that all environment conditions are sufficient for an automation action to succeed.

UI Dependencies & Locator Strategies

Automation is dependent on specific element locator strategies to run, which is highly fragile in case of dynamic applications and layout changes.

Self-Healing - TestProject AI Tools

Self Healing

A mechanism that automatically constructs alternative locator strategies for use when others fail.

In addition to these AI tools, TestProject also eliminates setup complexities and enables mobile automation for anyone, making it an easy task both for beginners and for experts! How? Simple!

  1. TestProject eliminates complex setup processes and there’s no need for any dependencies or 3rd party libraries. Days, weeks or even months of installation, configuration & maintenance efforts have been saved for you, thanks to a single TestProject executable, the TestProject Agent (see Agent’s architecture in the diagram below) that does all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is download & install the Agent, and that’s it – within less than 5 minutes you are good to go!
  2. With TestProject there are no operating system boundaries. You can plug & play any physical Android or iOS mobile device (or use emulators or simulators), using any operating system of our choice (even iOS on Windows or Linux!), and start creating right away stable Appium mobile tests.
  3. TestProject removes the need for a development environment. No need to have Xcode installed for using physical devices.
  4. A straightforward test recorder that interacts with any kind of element and context: Native, Hybrid, WebView, React Native, Flutter, etc. on any mobile target (iOS and Android).

Of course, as with any prior versions of TestProject, these new capabilities come with all the benefits of a free TestProject account:

  • 100% compatibility with Selenium and Appium, including execution of existing scripts developed in either framework.
  • One-click Agent install and update, downloading and configuring all dependencies automatically, including Selenium, Appium, and other required components.
  • Out-of-the-box beautiful HTML & PDF reports, dashboards, and test analytics with automatic sharing via email and Slack.
  • Centralized test framework including page object model, test data management, test storage, and more.
  • Easy integration with your DevOps toolchain, including integrations to Jenkins, CircleCI, qTest, BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, and a fully documented REST API.

TestProject Agent and Mobile Architecture

TestProject Agent and Mobile Architecture

Want To See TestProject’s AI Tools In Action?

1) Join us for a live demo! Simply save your seat on our Live Events page 📆 (If you can’t find a suitable time for you – reach out directly to our support team on our active forum, in-app chat or at [email protected]).

2) Watch a step-by-step tutorial video for Appium AI Tools:

3) Watch this live webinar recording to learn more & get an inside scoop into Appium 2.0 – hosted by Appium Project Lead, Jonathan Lipps, and by one of our Co-Founders and CPO, Marat Strelets.

4) Or simply create a free TestProject account & get started:

  1. Download, Install, and Register your agent (watch this short video to see how easy it is!)
  2. Choose to “Create a Test”
  3. Choose “Mobile” test, and choose which project to save it to
  4. Name your test
  5. Choose the “record option” and select the mobile app you want to test
  6. Start creating your stable test cases with TestProject new AI tools! ✨

If you have any questions, feedback, or need help getting started, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always happy to assist you.


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