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Your Testing Journey to Skyrocket 2021 – Live Sessions

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Start your journey to test automation success before everyone else, and make 2021 your best year ever 🚀 Whether you’re just getting started or already a testing expert, you definitely want to take part in our end of year adventure!

So go ahead & save your seat for any/all of the sessions below – all attendees will receive a cool certificate of attendance by Jan 1st! 🏅 Also, make sure to take active part in our #TestingInto2021 challenge for a chance to win awesome TestProject swag!

Boosting your testing knowledge & skills starts in 3… 2… 1… 💥

🎤 Live Sessions Agenda & Registration Links

You are invited to 3 days of interesting & fun sessions to skyrocket your testing skills in 2021! We’ll be there live to answers all of your burning questions:

  1. 🌠 Tuesday, Dec 29th – Next-Level Locator Strategies & Page Object Maintenance
    1. Time: 10 AM EST / 4 PM CET / 8:30 PM IST – Save your seat!
    2. Description: We’ll walk you through all of TestProject’s powerful capabilities for locating elements, dealing with dynamic elements, leveraging TestProject’s AI-powered Self-healing capabilities & eliminating flaky tests. We’ll also discuss best practices to overcome maintenance challenges, such as: Data-driven tests, nested tests, recovery tests, if-else logic, element repository management and more!
  2. 💫 Wednesday, Dec 30th – Deep Dive into Mobile Testing
    1. Time: 8 AM EST / 2 PM CET / 6:30 PM IST – Save your seat!
    2. Description: We’ll walk you through all of TestProject’s powerful capabilities for Appium mobile testing, both for Android and iOS apps. We’ll show you how to set your iOS device to work for any OS (even on Windows!), explore how to use both physical devices as well as emulators AND simulators, and review Sauce Labs and BrowserStack integrations. Through the entire session, we’ll share cool automation tips and tricks to help you kick start your mobile automation journey.
  3. 🌌 Friday, Jan 1st – Seamless Test Execution & Orchestration Experience
    1. Time: 8 AM EST / 2 PM CET / 6:30 PM IST – Save your seat!
    2. Description: We’ll walk you through all of TestProject’s powerful capabilities for easy test executions and CI/CD process to achieve scalability: Jobs, Jenkins/TeamCity Integration, using the API swagger, Docker containers & parallel executions, email notifications and more.

Can’t make it? We’ve got you covered with a recording of the event, just make sure to register.

💪 Ready For A Testing Challenge?!

Spread the knowledge with your friends for a chance to win TestProject swag!

  1. Share on LinkedIn what you’ve learned from each session & be creative with your posts!
  2. Tag TestProject and use the hashtag #TestingInto2021
  3. Invite your friends to join in on all the fun by linking this article in your post.

That’s it! All posts will be entered for a random raffle & get the chance to win!
Winners will be announced on Jan. 4th, 2021.

Go ahead and save your seats in the registration links above!
We’ll see you there 👀

Meital Matsafi

About the author

Meital Matsafi

As the head of community at TestProject and a test automation enthusiast by ❤, I love building and maintaining relationships with our community members, diverse community organizations, and internal entities while learning and sharing my key findings. Assisting with the development of robust engagement plans & activities I’m extremely eager to evolve and grow the community.


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