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Share Your Automation Without Limits

Share Your Automation Without Any Limits

Following our exciting Share Center announcement and to kick off this awesome new capability, we’re sharing with you this “Check my weather” automated test: enabling you to get your actual weather forecast based on your location, directly to your email! Below you can read more about what this test includes, or simply hop into the shared test and explore it today!

☔⛅🌈 Access Shared Test & Enjoy Weather Reports! ☔⛅🌈


This automated shared test example contains 4 steps:

  1. Navigating to https://weather.com/weather/today which will automatically find your location and display a banner of Today’s Forecast.
  2. Scrolling to the Daily Forecast section on the website
  3. Taking a screenshot of this banner and saving it on the machine the test is running on.
  4. Sending an email that contains the weather banner image taken at step number 2.

TestProject Codeless Automation Test

This test utilized 3 community Addons:

  1. Image Comparison Addon – provides “Take Element Screenshot” action.
  2. Send Email Addon – provides “Send Email” action.
  3. JS Actions Addon – provides “Scroll To Element With Javascript” action.

Image Comparison Addon - TestProject

Send Email Addon - TestProject

JS Actions Addon - TestProject


To execute this test:

You will need to fill out the following parameters as per your desired details:

  • From_Email: From email address.
  • To_Email: To email address.
  • From_Email_Password: Password of the From email account.
  • Local_Path_To_Img_Dir: Local path to save the weather banner image.
  • Host: Host of the SMTP server (optional! default: smtp.gmail.com).
  • Port: Port of the SMTP server (optional! default: 465).

Send Email Parameters

Now you are all set to run the test, and an email with today’s weather will automatically be sent to the To_Email address you filled out, as seen below. You can assign this test to a job and schedule it for notifying the weather each day at a specific hour. Never get confused if it’s cold outside or not 😉

Here’s the automatic mail you’ll receive from this test, with a forecast image attached:

TestProject Weather Forecast

Here is the image that will be attached to the email, according to the day and your location:

Daily Forecast

Gmail accounts only: you should first enable lesssecureapps option.

Go ahead and explore this weather shared test, or these awesome API shared tests, or even start sharing your own tests for everyone to enjoy and benefit from!

Our November Challenge is On!!!

Let’s all spread the worldwide weather status by taking an active part in our playful November Challenge, and get a chance to win a $100 gift card!

◾ Explore & execute this fun “Check My Weather” automated shared test.
◾ Post on LinkedIn your local weather screenshot you’ll receive in your email from this shared test.
◾ Spread the ❤ for shared tests and how beneficial they can be for the entire testing community.
◾ Tag 5 of your friends in the post & challenge them to do exactly the same!
◾ Use the hashtag: #CheckMyWeatherAutomation ⛅🌈

🏆 5 winners will be announced on Dec. 1st to each receive a $100 gift card! Sharing and collaborating has never been easier – Go ahead and see for yourself 😉


Keep Calm and Share Your Tests! 🌍🧡🚀

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