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Introduction to TestProject & TestProject Agent

Introduction to TestProject & TestProject Agent

In the previous chapter, we reviewed what Docker is and how to set up a Docker Environment. Now, let’s understand more about where TestProject comes into the world of Docker, and how can we benefit from TestProject Agents in Docker containers! 💪🐳

Table of Contents 

  1. Introduction to Docker & Docker Desktop
    1. Why Docker?
    2. Build, Ship & Share
    3. Docker Objects
    4. Docker Hub
    5. Docker Compose
    6. Setting up a Docker Environment
  2. You’re here → Introduction to TestProject and TestProject Agent in Docker
    1. Why TestProject?
    2. Getting Started with TestProject
    3. TestProject Agent
    4. TestProject Architecture
    5. Create Your First Test with TestProject
  3. Running TestProject Agent inside Docker Container

Introduction to TestProject and TestProject Agent in Docker

Why TestProject?

Why does the testing community love TestProject?

TestProject is fully equipped with all the features every test automation engineer needs, and provides a complete toolchain around Appium and Selenium frameworks and from built-in reports to distributed execution capabilities, recording capabilities, coding capabilities and much more – You’ve got everything you need! Even TestProject Agents in Docker! 🐳✨

So, if you’re looking for a $0 cloud-based, SaaS test automation development framework designed for your agile team, TestProject is the right choice for you. TestProject is a community-powered end-to-end test automation platform for web, mobile (Android & iOS) apps as well as API testing. It is an automation platform that aims to create a powerful and collaborative environment for the entire test automation community, without any barriers, and completely free of cost! It is built on top of industry standard open source tools (Selenium & Appium), supports all major operating systems, and ensures quality with speed using advanced built-in recording capabilities (that is very simple to use even for people who do not have any coding skills or previous tool knowledge), addons, reports and analytics dashboards, powerful SDK for Java/C#, and seamlessly enables to integrate within your CI/CD workflow!

100% Free Automation Platform The Testing Community Loves!

TestProject Test Automation Platform Powerful Capabilities

Getting Started with TestProject

In order to get started, you will need to do only 2 things:

  1. Sign up and get your free account: https://app.testproject.io/signup/
  2. Download the TestProject Agent that takes care of all the heavy lifting for you!
    You do not need to worry about building and maintaining a test framework – TestProject already bundled up all the drivers and dependencies you need, so you can go right ahead and start!

TestProject Agent

TestProject Agent is a cross-platform local desktop automation component that communicates with TestProject’s cloud testing repository and is responsible for local test execution. It is a single executable/desktop component that needs to be installed and registered with your account. This Agent removes all the complexity of installing and managing drivers required for Selenium and Appium. Basically, the TestProject agent is a powerful wrapper for Selenium and Appium and with one simple install you instantly have access to all browsers and connected devices on the machine you install it on. 

You can download the TestProject Agent for all operating systems (Windows, Linux & macOS) and for Docker.

TestProject Agent

Once you have successfully registered your TestProject Agent, you will see the screen below:

TestProject Agent Registration

By now, you should be able to see your Agent details in your “Agents” section. You can also click on the Agent to see detailed information as shown below:

TestProject Agent Details

TestProject Architecture

TestProject’s architecture is built out of 2 main components (as also seen in the diagram below):

  1. Cloud repository – Cloud-based app enabling to share and collaborate on your test automation from anywhere around the world! You can share tests, addons, elements, share reports, manage projects and tests, share Selenium test artifacts (C# or Java) and invite teammates to collaborate on EVERYTHING!
  2. TestProject Agent – The TestProject Agent, as described above, that takes care of all the heavy lifting for you, allowing easy deployment and running tests anywhere.

TestProject Architecture

Create Your First Test with TestProject

Now that we are all set and ready – Let’s create our first test!

Click on “New Test” being displayed on the top menu of TestProject and select test type as “Web”.

TestProject Web Test

Supply name and description as shown below, for your project and test:

TestProject Recorded Test    TestProject Test Details

For this demo, I supplied https://collabnix.com as a website URL. Click on the “Record” option to start the recording.

TestProject Recording

Once you click on “Start Testing”, a new browser instance will open and keep the existing browser open. 

TestProject Smart Test Recorder

Go ahead and try to browse through the website.  The Smart test recorder will record your activity which you can replay at a later point of time.

TestProject Smart Test Recorder Actions

That’s it! We’ve completed our first simple web recorded test with TestProject! Of course, we can make the test more complex by adding validations, parameters for Data-Driven testing, incorporating coded tests as well as Addons. For more info – Check out the official TestProject docs and TestProject blog tutorials.

In our next chapter, we will see how to run a TestProject agent using Docker containers.

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