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The Best Appium Testing Tools for Mobile Developers


As a mobile developer, you are expected to release your applications in short cycles, being seamlessly functioning and stable on a variety of popular devices. To achieve this must-have goal, you should focus on well structured and maintainable code, alongside high quality.

There are several popular open source and platform native tools that will help you as a developer to test your Android and iOS apps and ensure you release a flawless product.

Appium Testing Tools for Mobile Developers

Some are testing tools for iOS apps, some for Android apps, and if you’re looking for cross-platform – Appium is “the one” for you 😉
Let’s drill down into the options we have at hand:

iOS Apps

  • Apple’s XCUITest libraries
  • KIF iOS Testing Framework

Android Apps


Appium is THE most popular open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid and mobile web apps. It drives iOS, Android, and Windows apps using the WebDriver protocol.

TestProject took this leading mobile Appium driver, and wrapped it with best in-class tools for developers! And the cool thing about it is that TestProject provides these tools completely for FREE, to help developers utilize Appium in an easy and simple manner, using the following capabilities (also seen in the image below):

  1. Single executable that configures the entire Appium server for you, for both iOS and Android (no more ports, configurations or multiple drivers).
  2. In browser real time screen mirroring and control of your device (as seen in the image above).
  3. Support for iOS on Windows.
  4. Ability to create recorded tests on your real devices or Emulators.
  5. In browser element explorer for your application’s DOM.
  6. In browser element xpath locator.
  7. Running your tests across multiple devices, both real and virtual (utilizing Sauce labs and BrowserStack).
  8. Deployment & Test Execution.
  9. Tests repository in TestProject account (no Git or external integration to source control are needed).
  10. Team collaboration (just invite your teammates and start collaboration).
  11. Built-in test execution reports.
  12. Single Selenium API based SDK for iOS and Andorid (Java/.NET Core).
  13. Appium code export from recorded tests to Java or .NET Core.


We built this with ❤ for you!
Enjoy & Happy Testing! 💥

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