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Top 5 Solutions for Executing Test Automation in the Cloud (Comprehensive Comparison)

Test Automation in the Cloud

Running your web and mobile tests on the cloud has become THE best practice during the last decade ✨
Shifting your workloads to the cloud entails many advantages, such as:

  • Parallel execution
  • Execution on many different browser versions
  • Execution on many different mobile devices
  • Ready for execution Infrastructure
  • Easy deployment
  • Speed

However, choosing THE BEST tool for your cloud executions might be a confusing task… There are various solutions available out there, each one varying in their feature set and plans offered. Things can get a bit overwhelming during such a “simple” google search of the right tool for your automation team 😵

This is where TestProject comes into the picture 📷😊 Since we officially launched two exciting cloud integrations with Sauce Labs and BrowserStack, we’ve decided to dive deep into the top 5 solutions for executing test automation in the cloud, and share some insight with you all 🙌 We did all the research for you and came up with the most comprehensive list of cloud solutions for testing and execution!

Test Automation in the Cloud

5 Top Solutions for Executing Test Automation in the Cloud (Web and Mobile)

In this post we’ll be diving into the pros and cons of the following top cloud automation solutions, by conducting an in-depth comparison list of each solution and the features they provide:

Which cloud-based test execution solution is the most popular according to Google Trends?

According to Google Trends comparison over the past 12 months in United States, BrowserStack is the most popular solution for test execution in the cloud, ranked #1, whereas all the other 4 seem to fall pretty far behind. Sauce Labs ranks at 2nd place, and the rest of the solutions’ popularity ranks at approximately the same spot (see image below):

Test Automation in the Cloud


BrowserStack vs. Sauce Labs – Tier 1 Solutions

So now that we know BrowserStack and Sauce Labs are the top 2 leading cloud automation solutions (according to Google Trends), let’s see what my other favorite comparison tool has to say about these two. Below you can see a SimilarWeb comparison between BrowserStack and Sauce Labs, based on the last 6 months from July 2019 to December 2019:

BrowserStack vs. Sauce Labs


Main Feature Comprehensive Comparison – Cloud Execution Solutions

On to the part you’ve been waiting for – The complete smackdown, based on which features are provided by each of these leading solutions. The list below will take you through the most important features you’d expect to get out of your chosen cloud solution: multiple browser support, various devices, emulators, simulators, Selenium and Appium execution, reporting, CI/CD integrations, API access and last but not least – Pricing models. Here we go… 🚀

BrowserStack vs. Sauce Labs vs. AWS Device Farm vs. Visual Studio App Center vs. CrossBrowserTesting

Features/Tools browserstack-logo saucelabs_logo awsdevicefarm AppCenter_Logo
Multiple Browsers Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge, Opera, Safari, Yandex
Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari
Chrome, Firefox, IE11
N/A Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari
Real Android and iOS Devices ~150 ~220 ~236 ~685 ~40
Private Devices available available available N/A N/A
Android Emulators available available N/A N/A N/A
iOS Simulators available available N/A N/A N/A
Remote Control/View available available available available available
Appium Tests Execution available available available available available
Selenium Tests Execution available available available N/A available
In-browser Scriptless Automation for Testers (Mobile and Web) With TestProject With TestProject Only with Espresso and Robotium N/A beta
Reports available available available available available
Videos available available available N/A available
Screenshots available available available available available
API Access available available available available available
Support for CI/CD Jenkins, Jira, Travis CI, Azure, Bitbucket, Bamboo, TeamCity, CircleCI Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Visual Studio, Travis CI, CircleCI, Slack Jenkins Visual Studio Jenkins, VS Team services, TeamCity, Slack, Jira
Pricing Mobile Learn More Learn more Learn more Learn more Learn more
Pricing Web Learn more Learn more Learn more N/A Learn more

Now you’ve got all the information you need to make the best choice for your test automation project.
What’s your go-to solution for cloud testing and execution? 🤔


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