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TestProject + Sauce Labs Integration FAQs

Sauce Labs Integration

Last week, we were thrilled to announce our brand new integration with Sauce Labs, creating the first end to end, cloud based testing solution of its kind. We had some idea how much the community would be interested in this solution, but we were blown away when we had almost 2,000 people register for our joint webinar 🙌

When all was said and done, we had dozens of questions from the engaging audience on the webinar. We did our best to consolidate and answer as many of these questions as we could below to help jumpstart your discovery of this exciting joint solution 🎉

I missed the webinar. Where can I watch it again?
Our friends at Sauce Labs have made the webinar available for on demand playback.


How can I find out more about how to set up the TestProject and Sauce Labs integration?
We’ve documented the main flows for setting up your integration and executing your first tests on Sauce Labs in our support documentation.

Where can I get my free TestProject account?
Sign up directly on our website for your free TestProject account, and don’t forget to invite your colleagues to join you and check out the great features TestProject has to offer! ✨

Is this integration free?  How does it impact TestProject as a free automation tool?
Yes, the integration itself is free for all TestProject users, and doesn’t change the licensing of TestProject as a free tool. Sauce Labs is also available for free in a trial capacity. Then, once the trial credits are used, customers have the option to pick from many different commercial plans to suit your testing needs.

How will TestProject integrate to the other Tricentis products?
We will be announcing a powerful integration with qTest in February. Additionally, we will be announcing further integration to other Tricentis products later in the year. Stay tuned! 📢

Can you store TestProject tests in a Git repository?
Today, you can export your tests into code that can easily be stored in a Git repository. Later this year, we will have support for direct integrations and updates with your favorite Git repositories. 

Does TestProject have any limitations when compared to Selenium or Appium?
Because TestProject is built on top of Selenium and Appium as its test drivers, you can perform all of the same actions and validations as those tools can on their own. 💪

Can I run tests in parallel with TestProject + Sauce Labs?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, we think this is one of the use cases where users will see the greatest value. Several hour long test suites can be minimized down to minutes using multiple jobs running in parallel on Sauce Labs. Learn more about parallel testing in Sauce Labs’ resource center.

Can I use the output of one test as the input of another test when running a TestProject suite in Sauce Labs?
Yes, you can manage all of the input and output values for each test as parameters. Read more about best practices for using parameters in TestProject.

Can TestProject use data from files in excel to drive the tests when running multiple variations of a test on Sauce Labs?
Yes, you can input data to your tests via CSV files created in excel (or elsewhere). Read more about how we recommend setting up Data Driven Jobs in TestProject.


Did we answer your questions? If we missed anything, let us know and we will get back to you ASAP. 


Happy Testing! 😊💥


About the author

Kevin Dunne

Kevin Dunne is the General Manager of TestProject, ensuring Tricentis’ commitment to innovation and delivering tools to create better software. With a deep interest in the emerging trends in software development and testing, Kevin is dedicated to collaborating with thought leaders in this space.

Kevin comes to Tricentis from Deloitte, where he managed testing on large government and Fortune 500 engagements delivering ERP implementations and custom software development. As one of the first employees at Tricentis, Kevin has seen many facets of the business working in sales, customer support, marketing, and product management.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Vanderbilt University.

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