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Selenium Framework for Team Collaboration

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Every other second organization these days uses Selenium WebDriver for automated testing, as its one of the most reliable and widely supported open source solutions to automate browsers and has become a standard! It supports all major browsers and programming languages:

But when it comes to team collaboration, and test automation framework capabilities, Selenium WebDriver is not always enough, and this is where TestProject comes into the picture.

TestProject is the only FREE test automation framework available today that has been built with team collaboration in mind. As a cloud-based solution, with TestProject you can create different projects, folders, share execution results, share Selenium test artifacts (C# or Java) and invite teammates to collaborate on EVERYTHING! But that’s not the end of it 😉 TestProject also has a local component (TestProject Agent) that takes care of all the heavy lifting for you, allowing easy deployment and running tests anywhere:

No more spending time and effort on test deployment or on the challenges of setup and configurations. You don’t even need to make sure your colleagues have the right version of Selenium WebDriver or the correct version of your test, TestProject’s Agent does it all for you🤩.

The Test Automation Life Cycle is Simple with TestProject

  1. Create a TestProject account. No worries, it’s FREE.
  2. Download the TestProject Agent.
  3. Download Selenium SDK (C# or Java).
  4. Develop your test in your preferred programming language and with common Selenium API commands.
  5. Upload your coded test to the desired project in your TestProject account, invite your teammate and start collaborating! 🙌
  6. Execute your tests with a simple click and go, anywhere you have a TestProject Agent deployed.
  7. Schedule tests to run across any TestProject Agent in your organization, worldwide! 🌍
  8. Manage CI/CD pipelines in your organization to trigger test execution automatically anywhere you have a TestProject agent (using a built-in Jenkins plugin or our API swagger)!
  9. Analyze test results in the built-in reporting dashboard. You can even set Slack or email notifications! 👉📩

team collaboration

TestProject takes care of all of this, out of the box:

  1. Deploys your test artifacts anywhere execution is required
  2. Downloads and installs the required web drivers necessary for execution
  3. Downloads test dependencies and data sources (data driver tests)
  4. Executes the test steps one by one on required browsers
  5. Reports back to the server with a test report
  6. Reports back with screenshots where required
  7. Send notifications by the end of the execution (email/slack)

So, if we’ll summarize – Here’s what TestProject offers you all for free 🆓✨

  • Collaboration space (Ability to share projects, folders, elements, addons, data sources)
  • Testing repository
  • Java, C# or both!
  • Built-in reports (at a step level, with screenshots, exceptions and more!)
  • Integrations (Jenkins, Slack, Email, Sauce Labs)
  • CI/CD RESTful API for whatever you want!

Go ahead and start exploring all of these awesome features – Just grab your free account and enjoy the ride! 🚀
We are always here to help 😉:

  1. Chat with us directly through the built-in chat you have in TestProject.
  2. Send questions to our Community Forum.
  3. Explore our Official Documentation for even more!

Happy Testing & Happy Team Collaboration! 😎🎓🎯
Share with us in the comments below your experience using TestProject! 

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Meital Matsafi

As the Head of Community at TestProject and a test automation enthusiast by ❤, I love building and maintaining relationships with our community members, diverse community organizations, and internal entities while learning and sharing my key findings. Assisting with the development of robust engagement plans & activities I’m extremely eager to evolve and grow the community.

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