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TestProject Cloud Based FREE Automation Platform for Selenium and Appium

We are excited to announce TestProject has been acquired by Tricentis, the cloud’s #1 continuous testing platform. TestProject will continue to expand its development center in Israel and we are committed to continue embracing the open source community, all while simplifying test automation for everyone.

Joining the Tricentis family has a vast impact on our mission to provide a complete tool-chain (recording, scheduling, executing, reporting, coding and API) for the leading test automation open source tools (Selenium and Appium). We aim to create a powerful and collaborative environment that will help the automation community face day-to-day challenges more easily and deliver flawless products. Tricentis will be investing in research and development to advance the TestProject platform, extend the community, and help testers master best practices for Web, Android, and iOS test automation.

As part of our love and commitment to the testing community – Not only are we retaining our free offering, but we have extended it even further!

From now on, ALL of the TestProject features are enabled in the free plan! 

Check our new extensive free TestProject offering here:


The exciting news doesn’t end there. Joining forces with Tricentis also means that all TestProject users will be able to enhance their test automation with additional Tricentis capabilities for Agile test management, load testing, and end-to-end testing. The possibilities are really endless! 

“I’m extremely proud of what TestProject and our community have accomplished over the past several years, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead,” said Mark Kardashov, CEO and Co-Founder of TestProject. “Testing is a critical piece of any software development pipeline, and I’m thrilled to be joining forces with the market leader, Tricentis, to ensure every tester is empowered. Tricentis’ focus on the tester aligns perfectly with our own, and Tricentis’ scale, tools, and global brand will play a huge role in making TestProject the leader in community-powered test automation.”

Q&As Following The Acquisition of TestProject

  1. Is TestProject going to function any differently? No, you will continue to enjoy TestProject as you already do, and we will continue to improve and add more and more features as always.
  2. Do I have to be a Tricentis user in order to be a TestProject user? No, TestProject will retain its free, community-based offering and will operate independently, providing an open platform for all testers in all industries.
  3. Will I be able to use Tricentis products while using TestProject? Yes, we are working on integrating some of the favorite Tricentis products with TestProject and soon you will be able to enjoy all of that.

More Info

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  2. Tricentis blog post announcing on the acquisition
  3. Joe Colantonio’s TestTalks podcast interviewing Mark Kardashov


What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your free account now to enjoy testing the best way possible!  😎 

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