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Test Distribution with Appium, Selenium Grid and TestProject

In this webinar, Jonathan Lipps (Appium’s Architect and Project Lead) talks about mobile test distribution and describes what it takes to go from running your test suite on one device at a time to 2 devices at a time – setting up multiple Appium servers and configuring Selenium Grid in front of them. 

He also explored a different method to writing and running tests that will make your life easier, using the TestProject platform. With TestProject, you don’t have to manage the coding and running of tests yourself. Instead, you can take advantage of a point and click interface, while still relying on the benefits of Appium under the hood. Finally, you’ll see how to use the TestProject API to achieve something very similar to Selenium Grid, in terms of running a test suite on multiple devices at once.

What You Will Learn in the Webinar

  1. What is Appium
  2. What is Selenium Grid
  3. Distributed testing with Appium + Selenium Grid
  4. What is TestProject
  5. Distributed testing with the TestProject API 
  6. Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

By the end of the webinar Jonathan, Marat and I had a Q&A session of 20 minutes, answering some burning questions from the webinar participants about mobile test distribution, Appium, Selenium Grid and TestProject. Here are just a few of them that we’ve answered (hear all of them in the video below from 47:29-1:11:05 mins):

  1. How to pass multiple node’s IP addresses to start the Appium server through code to achieve parallel execution.
  2. Do we need to export our point-and-click tests in code to run parallel testing or will TestProject support it on the point-and-click interface?
  3. In a remote setup: test-suites in location A and agent is installed on location B with devices connected. when location A test communicates with the location B agent to run the tests on the devices is the tunnel secure?
  4. What is better: Running two jobs in Jenkins vs Selenium Grid?
  5. What is the level of complexity in order for me to learn to work with TestProject?

And MANY more!

View the full webinar recording and stay tuned until the end for the interesting Q&As!


This webinar features two expert panelists

Jonathan Lipps
Architect and Project Lead for Appium

Jonathan has been making things out of code as long as he can remember and he is the founding principal of Cloud Grey. He has worked as a programmer in tech startups for over 15 years, but is also passionate about academic discussion.

Marat Strelets
Appium Enthusiast

Marat has worked as a developer for over 12 years in the test automation field. He is the chief product officer at TestProject and one of the co-founders.


What did you think of the webinar? How do you go about mobile test distribution?
We would love to hear your thoughts and any questions you may have in the comments below!

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