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News From The Test Automation Community – TestProject Review!

We’ve got some news from the test automation community – A TestProject Review!

TestProject‘s test automation platform has been reviewed by Faiz Modi, an automation enthusiast and quality assurance expert!  😉
Check out what he had to say about TestProject:

Before a year or two, if a person would have said that we can use Record & Playback Tools for our Day-to-Day Automation, everyone would have thought that the person is kidding. Those tools were having very limited functionality like available as a plugin only, that also for a specific browser, not having much logical or parameterization options, etc, etc.

But nowadays, such tools have become so advanced that they can replace the Traditional Automation Tools which require Programming Efforts.

TestProject is a very Advanced Automation Tool having Record & Playback Feature. But why I am recommending TestProject? It is too difficult to choose my favorite features at TestPrject.io tool, still my two (as it’s difficult to choose one) most favorite features are 1. Code Generation and 2. Remote Execution.

 – Faiz Modi

Read the full TestProject review herehttps://www.linkedin.com/pulse/testproject-unique-advanced-automation-tool-record-playback-faiz-modi/

Go ahead and share in the comments below your TestProject review! We would love to hear from you  😎 

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