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TestProject Welcomes 2019!

It’s that time of the year again… We love to reminisce over the year we’ve had, reflect on what made 2018 so awesome for us, and let you in on all that’s coming in 2019!

Let’s start with some cool facts:

    • Our blog has over 110 published posts, over 47,000 unique pageviews per month and over 10,000 subscribers.
    • This year we publicly launched TestProject’s framework, and since then we’ve had over 2,000 registered users from all around the globe!
    • We released a bunch of cool new features, such as: support for C# .NET Core SDK, support for iOS on Windows without any dependencies, released an open-source addon for RESTful API testing, enabled email notifications and webhooks and the list of features goes on and on! All of these and many more are free to use with TestProject. All you need to do is signup here!  😎 
    • We joined Karthik KK from ExecuteAutomation Weekly, and demonstrated all that TestProject has to offer and talked about our future plans. Check out the full interview here.
    • We exhibited TestProject in the annual DLD Tel-Aviv Digital Innovation Festival and got to meet many organizations and interesting people:


These were our top 10 blog posts of 2018:

What’s coming next?

We have a jam-packed roadmap planned for 2019 and we are very excited to share all of the great news with you! In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of what’s coming this year:

        1. Many more exciting blog posts, including authentic opinions, step-by-step tutorials and tips and tricks from worldwide test automation professionals.
        2. New webinars about all of the latest trends in test automation, presented by worldwide experts. 
        3. Introducing a brand new TestProject website that will have much more information about all of our features and plenty of useful resources such as: a detailed documentation; videos; FAQs and more!
        4. We will keep on releasing many new TestProject features, such as: Exporting recorded tests to code; Groovy and Python SDKs; Integration with cloud devices and much much more!!!

Keep the feedback and suggestions flowing – We love to hear from you and improve according to your needs.

Thank you all for sharing this journey with us and we wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!
2019, HERE WE COME!  😀 

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