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Introducing TestProject Framework!

We’ve been in the test automation industry for over 10 years now. In fact, our passion for software development has begun much earlier, probably somewhere in the mid-90s. We have always been interested in programming and automation processes for developing creative ways to turn repetitive and complex tasks into simple and easy ones. So, this is where our TestProject journey has begun.

We were eager to make a mark in the test automation world, make it a simpler environment for everyone and take part in contributing to the entire test automation community. In 2015, our TestProject journey officially started and since then keeps evolving every day, from our weekly blog posts to our newly launched test automation frameworkhttps://testproject.io.


Dealing with the Struggles  

There is no doubt that open source tools like Selenium and Appium dominate the test automation field (and for a good reason). However, utilizing these tools for developing frameworks, without any proper methodology, is ineffective for the long run.

After building numerous automation frameworks, screening through hundreds of implementations, complex setups and endless configurations; Communicating and learning from test automation experts from around the globe – we are able to say in confidence that we have learned firsthand all about the challenges an automation engineer has to face, from endless configurations and required updates to time consuming maintenance efforts.

In light of that, we were focused on building a powerful and collaborative test automation framework that will help solve these challenges. A platform that will simplify and enhance the use of leading open source frameworks and empower you to become more productive by helping you build a more robust and maintainable test automation.

Throughout the development of the platform we faced numerous dilemmas regarding which components it should include. We wanted TestProject to be a solid test automation framework that will be able to conquer all of the notorious automation struggles.


How TestProject Works

We are on a mission to make your life simpler with an easy installation process, a framework that includes the best tools and SDKs available, while reducing the maintenance efforts. TestProject is designed for the entire test automation community, and is collaborative at its core. It is driven by passionate developers that create and contribute valuable addons (reusable test actions) for Mobile, Web and API testing, all according to the latest technologies.


Supports all common platforms: Since most products these days are targeted for multiple platforms, our desire was to enable you to create automated tests for Web and Mobile (Android/iOS) platforms, and run them on a variety of supported browsers and mobile devices, no matter whether you use Windows, Linux or macOS.

Setup & DevOps: Configuring different tools and frameworks into a single continuous integration flow can be challenging, it requires expertise and consumes valuable time. The TestProject Agent contains everything you’ll need to develop, record and execute your automation tests. Focus on creating the automation and we’ll focus on always keeping you up-to-date with the latest stable components and drivers.

Unified SDK: One of the known challenges with open source tools is the variety of SDKs that test automation experts need to adopt in order to support their products. Our team has invested great efforts to developing just a simple and unified SDK which targets both Web and Mobile applications. The SDK is based on standard Selenium commands, so developing new tests or porting existing is as easy and straightforward as possible. At this point, the SDK is available only for the Java language, but support for additional technologies (JavaScript, Python and C#) will follow very soon.

Recording studio: It’s a known fact that not all scenarios can be implemented using UI recording techniques. However, we believe that it’s an important tool in a test automation toolbox. Therefore, we created an advanced in-browser Recording Studio that supports automatic test case generation for both Web and Mobile applications within a single click.


Cloud based dashboard, reports & management: One of the most important parts of a test automation framework is informative reports. In TestProject we created a dashboard that provides insights and detailed logs about your projects and tests which allow you to easily troubleshoot errors by quickly identifying failed steps. Our cloud based web interface was created with team collaboration in mind. Easily share your tests, UI elements and any other component that will help your teammates to create better automation in less time. Schedule job executions, get a real time execution status and utilize your automation across your entire organization (you can execute your tests anywhere around the globe).


Thank you!

So, after 876 days of hard work, over 10 years of a rock solid friendship, 3 new born babies, 1 relocation, over 15,000 cups of coffee and pulling all-nighters, 92 blog posts, endless interesting and enriching discussions with the entire global test automation community, and 10 months of being in closed beta with exclusive customers – We are proud to launch our test automation framework in a limited preview release!

TestProject is FREE to use for as long as you want, for all desired platforms and without any test automation execution limitations. All you’ve got left to do is request a free invite and join the TestProject community!

Thank you for being a part of our journey, for sharing your opinions and we can’t wait for you to hop on the TestProject train and simply enjoy the ride with us!


TestProject Team  😉 

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Mark Kardashov

Test automation enthusiast, entrepreneur, snowboard fan and CEO of TestProject. Has more than 10 years of experience in the testing and test automation field.

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