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The Top 8 Test Automation Articles of 2017!

It seems that the growing test automation community will soon take over the entire world, or at least that of the testing world! This growth leads to a vast amount of articles and expert opinions in the test automation field. Therefore, in order to help you navigate through and keep you up to date with all the test automation trends: TestProject already did the hard work for you! Here’s a collection of TestProject’s top 8 favorite test automation articles of 2017. Enjoy!

1. “Report: Test Automation Is Increasing” (Christina Cardoza)

This article determines the vast scale up in the use of test automation in the last 2 years. We suggest you read this article to find out the astonishing percentage results!

2. “Test Automation ROI: 5 Ways To Show The Business Benefits” (Paul Merill)

Now that we know that the majority of test cases are being automated, what’s more important than understanding the benefits? This article presents five ways of defining test automation ROI.

3. “Test Approach and Comparisons Between ATDD, TDD and BDD” (Pavantestingtools.com)

Our latest research demonstrates that Cucumber is the preferred framework in Europe and that indicates the vast popularity in the BDD approach. Therefore, this article is one of great importance, and explains the differences between ATDD, TDD and BDD.

4. “12 Awesome Benefits of BDD” (Andy Knight)

Following the article above, now comes one which gives us a dozen benefits of BDD!

5. “How to Develop a Test Automation Framework From Scratch?” ()

This article will give you the needed guidelines to create a test automation framework from scratch using Java, Selenium, TestNG and Maven, and will explain why it’s so beneficial.

6. “Create a Test Automation Framework with C#, Selenium Webdriver & NUnit” (Asya Galinsky)

If you don’t want to create your test automation framework from scratch, no problem! Here’s one of our own TestProject articles, and it’s our blog’s #1 most popular article in 2017! This is a tutorial for creating a basic Selenium test automation framework. This article’s popularity definitely comes as no surprise, due to the fact that Selenium is the all time favorite and the most implemented test automation tool worldwide!

7. “Javascript Testing with Selenium Webdriver and Mocha” (Dimos Koromilas)

Here’s another one of our TestProject articles, and it’s our blog’s 2nd most popular article in 2017! This one is a tutorial to write a functional test in Javascript (the 2nd most popular programming language worldwide), with Selenium Webdriver 3, Mocha and NodeJS.

8. “The Automation Testing and Agile” (Moataz Nabil)

Last but not least, this one is a concise article on Agile testing as opposed to traditional testing (Waterfall), and the way to become an Agile automation tester.


Now that 2018 is right around the corner, we’d love to hear your opinion on what’s coming next in the test automation field! Do you have any predictions?  🙂 

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